Varicose Veins Q&A

I’ve been treating varicose veins for a lot of years, and the most common question people ask is, “If you get rid of this varicose vein, what will happen to the blood flow? Don’t I need that vein?

In one word, “No.”   Fortunately, our legs have 2 systems of veins: deep veins and superficial veins. The deep veins carry 95% of the blood flow. The superficial veins are just minor players in your circulation, and when they start getting enlarged and varicose, their blood starts flowing backwards.

Not only are they not helping you; in fact, they are actually harming your circulation. So they can be removed without harming your circulation. In fact, your circulation is actually improved by closing down those leaky varicose veins.

The bottom line is, just like superficial people, who you don’t really need in your life ;-), superficial veins aren’t really needed either, and can be safely closed down or completely removed.


Written by KuanaxBon

September 18, 2017