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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t I need the veins that are being removed? Where will the blood flow if they are removed?

The varicose veins that we remove are carrying blood the wrong way (toward the feet), so they will not be missed! In actuality, your circulation will be improved by removing these leaky wrong-way veins.

How long will I need to wear support hose after the procedure?

Support hose are recommended for1- 2 weeks following treatment of large varicose veins. Usually, calf length support hose are sufficient. You can purchase them at our office for $25-50. After treatment of spider veins, the wearing of support hose is optional .

Are the vein treatments covered by insurance?

The endovenous laser, VNUS Closure, and ambulatory phlebectomy procedures are usually covered by insurance. However, benefits vary from plan to plan, and a deductible may be due. Contact your insurance carrier for your specific benefits.

Will I need to miss work?

Most people are able to return to work the next day, but depending on the type of work (manual vs desk job), and the extent of the vein procedure, a few days off of work may be required. Spider vein treatments do not require any time off.


Myths have always surrounded the explanations of why some people get spider and varicose
veins. Some myths include: being overweight, standing on hard floors, or crossing your legs.

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