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"My legs used to feel very heavy, but now after the vein treatment, my legs feel like they're floating. I used to feel like I had bricks on my ankles, but now the bricks have been removed, and my ankles feel like I'm on roller blades and I can keep on going again. Dr. Gaede keep up the good work. Thank you so much!" - Rosemary “I was very pleased with my vein treatment. The entire experience was great!” - Sara
"The doctor explained and answered all my questions about my laser procedure. I found the doctor and the staff to be very attentive before, during and after the procedure. Overall, I’m very pleased with the results." - Sylvia S. "I couldn't be more pleased with my results from Dr. Gaede. I have suffered from varicose veins for years. Now I am pain free and I feel comfortable wearing shorts again." - Chris G.
"I hadn't worn shorts in 18 years, and hadn't gone swimming in at least 2 years. My friends know what kind of gift to get me now--shorts." - Mitcheal D. "You are genuinely a caring, gentle doctor and you and your staff are always concerned about my comfort and well-being during and after the procedure." - Rita V.



Myths have always surrounded the explanations of why some people get spider and varicose
veins. Some myths include: being overweight, standing on hard floors, or crossing your legs.

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