Dean H

What I liked was the lack of invasive surgery–it was very quick, in and out. And I felt the rehabilitation process was quite good for my scheduling–it didn’t take too long. There would be nobody in the Central Valley I would feel better about recommending for this kind of vein surgery.

Denise M.

After the procedure, they give you a list of what needs to be done, what needs to be followed through. It had his actual, personal, phone number to call if there was a problem. I’m happy that I did it. Just because now I can wear shorts and not worry about that big bulging vein.

Jeanette V.

The first time i came in, i was absolutely impressed with how quickly he looked at my leg and knew what was going on. Then when I came in for my last appointment, and Dr. Gaede had the “before and after” shots of my leg, I was astounded! Because I knew it looked bad before, but when I saw the picture of the “after”… I was almost in tears. It looked so good, and now it feels so good. I think that’s the most astounding thing, just how it looks and how it feels.